Toyota Recalls Vehicles for Steering Defaults

Once again Toyota Motor Corp. recalls about 112,500 vehicles due to possible safety issues. The recall affects about 110,000 Camry, Camry Hybrid, Highlander and Highlander Hybrid vehicles of model year 2015, RAV4 vehicles of model year 2014-2015, and 2,500 RAV4 EV vehicles of model year 2012-2014. The motor company announced its voluntary recall over various defects besides the defect in its power steering, airbag and electric software issues majorly. Toyota has suffered damage to its repute by the growing numbers of complaints in different car models, however in an attempt to fix this, Toyota has recalled a million of its vehicles to fix the problem as well to ensure safety with its products. Toyota has done a number of things to correct the problem and deal with the bigger picture of quality, however, the role of its leaders in helping rebuild trust and reputation is also critically important.

For the Camry and Highlander, the problem is said to have occurred during manufacturing. A circuit board used by the power steering system “may have been damaged,” which would make steering much more difficult, possibly leading to a crash. The problem for the 2012-2014 RAV4 EV is a little different. According to Toyota, software issues can cause certain components in the electric motor to shift to neutral, which would kill the drive power. A warning light will be shown on the dashboard when either issue arises.

Toyota Motor Corp. has announced the remedy procedure stating that owners will receive a letter from Toyota by first class mail. Dealers will pair the electric vehicle traction motor assembly on the RAV4 EVs, and inspect the steering column assembly on the other vehicles. If those vehicles are affected, dealers will replace the power steering electronic control unit. Owners will be requested to take the affected vehicles back, which would be fixed by the dealer at no cost.

However according to Toyota, it has not received any reports regarding accidents, injuries or fatalities that are connected to the issues stated by the recall orders. Besides all efforts, Toyota’s recall announcement each time brings hassle in recovering its lost goodwill.

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