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Business Models

Model 1

Legal Services Platter(LSP)
Monthly Hours
Monthly Price

LSP (Legal Services Platter): The LSP model gives you the freedom to choose from the various services we offer and create a fixed monthly package. The packages start as low as 40 hours a month. Enjoy a pool of resources with different skillsets including Attorneys, Doctors, and Paralegals.

Please create a separate page. Take the webpage content from this word doc - Legal Services Platter (LSP) – Get a Qualified and Experienced Pool of Virtual Employees

Model 2

Hire Dedicated Remote Employee (DRE) Attorney/Medico-Legal/Medical Expert/Paralegal Remote Employees
Support Services DRE Type
Hire Dedicated Remote Employee (DRE - LS) for Legal Support Services DRE 1
Hire Dedicated Remote Employee (DRE - MLS) for Medico-Legal Support Services DRE 2
Hire Dedicated Remote Employee (DRE - DPS) for Deposition & Paralegal Support Services DRE 3
Hire Dedicated Remote Employee (DRE - LAS) for Paralegal Administrative Support Services DRE 4
Hire Dedicated Remote Employee (DRE - MRE) - Medical Records Expert DRE 5
Hire Dedicated Remote Employee (DRE - CMS) for Contract Management Solution (Lawyer) DRE 6

Dedicated Remote Employee (DRE): The DRE model allows you to have a real time virtual employee. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of DRE models available with us. The virtual DRs are available to manage your day-to-day requirements.

Our DREs prime purpose is to take up all the time consuming, document intensive tasks and allow you to have the time to focus on your clients and growing your business.

Model 3

AD HOC – Pay as You Use
Support Services
Standard Rates

AD-HOC: In our ad-hoc business model you have the freedom to use any of our wide range of services at your ease and as per your requirement. Enjoy our services without any fixed commitments and pay for them as you use them. Pricing depends on the nature of the service and the turnaround time required.

Please reach Sagar at sagar@draftncraft.com to know more about our offerings and price.

Model 4

APTSERVICE – Pay as You Need
Support Services Standard Rates

Legal/Video Transcription

Choose a best suited support service


AptService is a unique service delivery model offered by Draft n Craft. AptService gives you all the benefits of outsourcing legal and paralegal services in addition to better cost savings and increased flexibility.

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