Sherri Shepherd’s divorce reaches a settlement

Sherri Shepherd’s divorce and custody battle has come to an end, as she has finally agreed to pay child support for the kid she disowned from birth.

Shepherd and her second husband, Lamar Sally, 44, separated after nearly three years of marriage in May 2014. The couple had allegedly planned to have a child via surrogate until Shepherd had a change of heart just a few months into the surrogate’s pregnancy. Consequently, she fought with Sally in court, claiming he fraudulently got her into getting a surrogate to carry a baby for the purpose of seeking child support from her.

The longstanding custody dispute over the child was resolved in April this year when a Pennsylvania court ruled Shepherd as the legal mother of Sally’s now eight months old son. Before the ruling, the surrogate’s name was on the certificate and she was held responsible for the child support in California.

The settlement agreement between Shepherd and her estranged husband Sally states that she will pay $4,100 each month in child support, which would increase to $4,600 when the child turns 13. The agreement also laid down that Shepherd is allowed to pursue her fraud claim, which if decided in her favor, would relieve her from the child support obligations. Also, the couple’s embryos are still in storage and Shepherd wanted them to be destroyed. As per the agreement, if Sally chooses to bring them to term, Shepherd would not be liable to pay child support.

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