Sherri Shepherd to Pay Child Support for her Surrogate Child

Sherri Shepherd, host and comedian of “The View is likely to be held liable to pay monthly child support for a surrogate child that she and her ex-husband Lamar Sally had a few months back.

Shepherd and Sally were married in 2011 and decided to conceive a child through surrogacy. However, things became complicated and messy when the couple filed for divorce even before the birth of their surrogate child in 2014. Following the divorce filing, Shepherd backed out of the surrogacy agreement and Jessica Bartholomew, the surrogate mother, ended up paying for child support and all the medical expenses related to the baby.

The legal battle has been continuing for months as Shepherd refused to be the mother of the surrogate child. As per reports, Shepherd stated that the child was not hers as she did not want the child and also her egg was not used to conceive the child and therefore she should not be asked to pay for child support. Shepherd lashed out on Sally saying that he was a gold digger and that he tricked her in to having the baby. Shepherd further stated that Sally just wanted to get his hands on a stack of child support cash every month.

Bartholomew slammed the former “The View” host for walking out on her child. Bartholomew explained that although she was connected with the couple through a surrogate agency, she is listed on the child’s birth certificate as a “noncustodial parent.” Because of this, she was also being pursued for child support.

However, putting an end to this controversy, a Pennsylvania judge has ruled that Shepherd should have been listed as the mother of the child even though the child was born via surrogate.

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