Mother Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ For Beheading Her 3 Month Old Daughter

In a recent incident from Cincinnati, Deasia Watkins decapitated her three month old daughter and is undergoing court procedure. She is reported to have killed her three month old daughter brutally. Medical records indicate that the child had a fractured arm, was beheaded and had been stabbed multiple times.

Deasia had been diagnosed and hospitalized for severe psychiatric problems namely Postpartum Psychosis, was ordered to stay away from the child by the Juvenile Court Judge. Additionally, the Juvenile Court directed Hamilton County Job and Family Services to take custody of the baby. Social workers later placed the baby in the aunt’s care, warning her to keep Deasia away from the child unless those social workers were present. Despite such an attempt, the social workers never knew that Deasia apparently moved into the aunt’s home about a week before the incident took place.

Investigations have revealed that Deasia has had a disturbing childhood and that she was subjected to criminal neglect, dysfunction and emotional abuse. Her childhood history report indicated that she often did not have enough food and cloth and was raised under poor economic conditions. She went through grief and abandonment issues at the age of eleven. Following this report, Deasia’s attorney Michael Trap made a statement that Watkins should not be hated rather pitied citing her illness and that she was ill but not evil. Accordingly, he pleaded her ‘not guilty’ on grounds of insanity on March 26, 2015.

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