Maryland “Free-Range Kids” back with the Child Protective Services

The “Free Range Kids” are back in the custody of the Montgomery County Child Protective Services.

The two kids aged 6 and 10 years had garnered attention earlier this year due to the decision of their parents to allow them to roam around alone. The CPS found the parents guilty of “unsubstantiated” child neglect. While the children were allowed to be in the custody of the parents, the CPS was required to keep a file on the family for 5 years as part of the verdict.

The children of Danielle and Alexander Meitiv were picked up by the Child Protective Services again, when a neighbor who saw the children walking alone, called 911 to report it. The children were a third of a mile from their home at the time when the call was made.

As per the statement made by the mother, the children were asked to be back at home by 6:30 pm. When the children did not come back on time, the couple was worried and was frantically looking for them.

The Child Protective Services informed the parents at around 8 pm that the children had been picked up by them and it was only after about 10:30 pm that the children were reunited with the parents.

The Meitivs were asked to sign a temporary safety plan before they could take the kids back with them. The safety plan will ensure that they do not leave the children unattended at any time.

The police stated that a decision on whether Meitvis will face any further charges will be taken post a thorough investigation.

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