Holiday Greetings!!

As the New Year approaches, law firms and attorneys find superior quality and cost efficient ways to manage their workload.  It goes without saying that the LPO trend offers great benefits.  India’s legal services are affordable, efficient, and above all, skilled.  Outsourcing legal work to ‘Draft n Craft’ costs up to 50-60% less than the cost of using the same services elsewhere in the USA.


We, at Draft n Craft, provide world class services that include deposition summarization, medical records summary, legal research, legal drafting and paralegal services. This holiday season, equate with us and allow us to deliver advanced services with a unique blend of quality, excellence and integrity. We focus on process orientation and highly experienced talent to deliver gainful and superior quality legal work to global customers.


Deposition Summary: Our summaries are prepared by a team of highly qualified summarizers, which includes attorneys and paralegals. We carefully reduce testimony to facts; accurately record dates, figures, names and exhibits; give a record of key events and actions; eliminate extraneous information; and organize subject matter into coherent paragraphs.

With our team’s deep domain knowledge, we process efficiencies that save time and money!


Medical Records Summary: Our medical records summaries have proved to be a useful tool for early case assessment and quick review of medical documents at any stage of litigation. We carefully reduce records to facts; accurately record dates, figures, names and reports; give a record of key events and diagnosis; eliminate extraneous information; and organize subject matter into coherent paragraphs.

Legal Research: Our dynamic team of attorneys and paralegals efficiently sift through data using the different research tools available with us. Regular supplementary training and updates corresponding with the ever-changing law bolster our teams’ analytical skills and detail-oriented approach.

Legal Drafting: We understand that the true value of an attorney is in exercising judgment, based on the knowledge covered in the legal documents.  We support attorneys by preparing various legal documents for them and thus help them get the maximum value of their time.

We draft summons & complaints, Discovery-related documents such as Interrogatories, Request for Admissions, Request for Inspection, Requests for Production of Documents, etc., Briefs and Motions, including Motion to Dismiss, Motion for Summary Judgment, Motion to Compel, and other supporting legal documents.

Paralegal Services: Our paralegal services are an extra support for the longer, tedious and time-consuming tasks. We offer our premium services to Attorneys, Law Firms and in-house Legal Departments at highly competitive rates that not only help to reduce their operational costs but also allow them to look after each and every client and concentrate on their core activities.


Our diversified array of paralegal support services are- Preparing reports, indexing documents, carrying out online searches, creating and maintaining databases, copy editing legal and other documents, reviewing data and performing analysis, form filling and e-filing of various forms, drafting standard template based documents, and preparing, reviewing, analyzing & organizing documents in connection with litigation matters.


Draft n Craft’, in its short history, has proved itself to be a very reliable service provider. We are committed to our client’s growth and understand that every work requires special attention and acknowledgment. To meet client’s expectations, we offer our customized support solutions to each and every project we receive.


To discuss specific projects or to learn more about our services, kindly ring us at + 1-646-367-6975 or 6958, or email us at connect@draftncraft.com or info@draftncraft.com

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