Krabloonik’s ex owner to pay $1 million to sled crash victims

A North Carolina couple Harry and Melody Harden will settle their case for an amount of 1 million dollars against an Aspen Dog Sledding company Krabloonik Inc. The case was filed in the year 2013 when the Hardens suffered serious and permanent injuries in a dog sledding trip operated by the company in the year 2012.

According to their lawsuit filed in the year 2013 the dog sled occupied by plaintiffs overturned at a high rate of speed turning it totally uncontrollable and throwing plaintiff into the trees and causing them severe, permanent and debilitating injuries. Harden et al v. Krabloonik, Inc., 1:2013cv00653 (March 12, 2013).

The Company in its defense claimed that they took reasonable steps to avoid any sort of injury to the guests, including the plaintiffs. Trails were appropriately groomed, mushers were appropriately trained and appropriate equipments were utilized to provide the best facility to their guests and make the ride as safe as possible. Operation of the sled was properly explained to the Hardens before excursion.

The lawsuit claimed that the company should have known of potentially dangerous conditions inclusive of ice and uneven terrain. Krabloonik was owned by Dan MacEachen at the time of accident which was later sold to Danny and Gina Phillips in December. Being its owner for 40 years Dan MacEachen will be paying the amount through his insurance carrier.

The couple had planned to seek $4 million at trial but agreed to accept $1 million as a part of their settlement, where Melody Harden agreed to accept $750,000 and Hardy Harden $250,000 as share in amounts.

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