Kelly Rutherford’s Child Custody Battle

A court order that had granted actress Kelly Rutherford temporary custody of her children – a boy and a girl – to allow her to bring them back to Los Angeles from Monaco was halted by Judge Maren E. Nelson on May 28, 2015.

Daniel Giersch and Rutherford married in 2006 and filed for divorce in Los Angeles two years later, which was granted in July 2010. Thereafter, they continued to fight over custody until the ruling came in for a joint custody letting Giersch to keep the children abroad with him in France.

Respecting the court’s opinion, she has visited her kids forty times since they first arrived in France. However, the travel costs and legal fees forced her to file for bankruptcy. Rutherford even filed a petition with the on April, 2015 requesting for a federal order allowing her children to return to the U.S. from France.

Recently, the Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark Juhas reversed this bizarre court order and awarded Rutherford temporary sole custody after a bitter six-year battle with her ex-husband. This order was granted given that Rutherford’s ex-husband violated terms of the 2013 custody order that allowed the children to live abroad, although this order never specified as to how Giersch may have violated the 2013 order. Now, pursuant to Judge Nelson’s ruling, Rutherford has been prevented from taking custody of her children until after judges in Monaco and Los Angeles confer about the case through a conference, which is scheduled to take place this month.

The case would be dealt as a custody dispute, wherein both parents live in different states or countries.

[1] See “The undersigned hereby implore the Obama administration to return Kelly Rutherford’s children safely to the U.S.A.” at:


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