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Hire Dedicated Remote Paralegal (DRP) for Paralegal/Administrative Support Services

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Hire Dedicated Remote Paralegal (DRP) for Paralegal/Administrative Support Services

Paralegal services are beneficial for law firms in many ways. They help address the overwhelming workload of handling cases, take care of all kinds of administrative work, and offer enhanced customer care. One of the best ways to manage such a workload is by availing Draft n Craft’s Dedicated Remote Paralegal (DRP) – Paralegal/Administrative Support Services that help lessen your back-office workload and assist in streamlining the overall process of your firm/company ultimately.

We know you and your paralegal/administrative teams are busy in getting the work done in a timely manner. Let us help you with it.

Draft n Craft’s Dedicated Remote Paralegal (DRP) - Paralegal and Administrative Support Services help lawyers, law firms, general counsels and companies manage their workload through Virtual Employees and create a 24X5 working environment. They work closely with you and your team, offering a variety of services that help you operate more efficiently as compared to other firms and companies.

Draft n Craft’s Dedicated Remote Paralegal (DRP) help law firms and companies achieve several objectives like streamlining case management platforms, indexing documents, drafting standard template-based documents, updating, and verifying data on a consistent basis, creating a chronology of events, etc. in addition to assisting with efficient communication between other departments for overall efficiency of the organization.

Draft n Craft’s Dedicated Remote Paralegal (DRP) for Paralegal/Administrative Support Services -
Skills and Competencies
Dedicated Employee Working During Your Work Hours
Scalability to meet increased demand
Highly Professional and Timely Solutions
Experienced Team of Paralegals
High Volume Capacity
Strict Quality Standards
Organizational Skills
24X5 Working
Communication Skills
Good Temperament

Hire A Dedicated Remote Paralegal (DRP) for Paralegal & Administrative Support Services

  • Indexing documents
  • Creating and maintaining databases
  • Redactions
  • Copy typing and editing legal and other documents
  • Bate-stamping
  • Creating a chronology of events
  • Carrying out online searches
  • Reviewing data and performing analysis
  • Creating customized reports
  • Drafting standard template-based documents
  • Document formatting based on particular court requirements
  • Preparing, reviewing, analyzing & organizing documents in connection with litigation matters

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