Festival Blast Begins with Violet Week at Draft n Craft

October 25, 2012, New York, USA – It is festival time and time for a blast again. Yes, you got it right – Its festival blast again at Draft n Craft. We at Draft n Craft always try to fill up the worries of attorneys & law firms with colours and during this festive season we will have different offers every week. As we symbolise our services with a rainbow it will be a Violet week to begin the festivity at Draft n Craft.

Violet cheers resourceful pursuits and seeks inspiration and uniqueness through its creative activities. During the violet week there will be unique offers for the attorneys and these offers will ultimately share their workload and give them a chance to have the benefits & fun of the festivals. During the whole festival season there will be a flat discount on all the services and to make all our clients resourceful an additional discount will be offered on Legal Research.

Legal Research can be complex and time consuming for attorneys and with Draft n Craft it can be fun during the holiday season.  We have a team of immensely talented Indian personnel who are trained in the UK and US Judicial Systems. Our dynamic team of attorneys and paralegals come from various backgrounds and share their rich experience in carrying effective legal research for our clients.

About Draft n Craft

Founded in 2008, Draft n Craft specializes in outsourcing of legal and paralegal services and has provided more than a handful of advanced solutions to various clients. It specializes in outsourcing of legal & paralegal services such as, Contract Outsourcing Solutions, Legal Research, Legal Transcription, E-discovery, Deposition Summarization and an array of Paralegal Services. We at Draft n Craft understand that the need of every law firm is one of its kind and important to their business.

If you have any questions, comments then please visit our website: www.draftncraft.com or contact us at: info (@) draftncraft dot com

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