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In a meeting at Miami Dade College, a panel of experts told the commissioners of EEOC about the persisting 50 years of race and national origin discrimination against race and ethnic minorities.

There have been several individual discrimination filings by EEOC, placing Texas at the highest with 8035 filings, followed by Florida with 7528 filings and California with 6363 filings in the year 2014.

8035 case filings done in 2014: 2913 based on race, 2564 based on sex, 1093 based on national origin, 300 based on religion, 330 based on color etc.

EEOC is currently soliciting public input on its retrospective regulatory review efforts. Comments may be submitted to through April 20, 2015.

Minimum wage will be $10 per hour by July 1, 2015 further increasing by $10.50/hr in July 2016, $11/hr in July 2017, $12/hr in July 2018 & $13/hr in July 2019.

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