Eye Tracking tool providing efficient diagnosis in Brain

In South Carolina, personal injury claims is loaded with diagnostic errors amounting to personal injury and medical malpractice. Nearly 30 % of the personal injury or medical malpractice claims are a result of wrong diagnosis. Diagnostic error leads to wrong treatment or surgery creating hefty personal injury claims. Brain has created a major cause of concern as they are the both cause of death and disability for people who are under 35 years of age.

Traditional brain imaging techniques had diagnostic limitations as it can be difficult to determine the severity of the damage whether it can be life threatening or not. To get over these problems and to prevent lawsuits, researchers have been exploring an eye tracking tool to better diagnose and treat sufferers of traumatic brain injury.

An experimental study upon 169 veterans was conducted by the New York’s University Lagone medical centre to test the eye tracking tool and it succeeded with flying colors where the researchers were able to identify the location of the injury and concussions to the brain or weakness in the optic nerves of the brain solely depending upon the movements in the eye.

The trials and treatments done for treating brain injury failed continuously due to diagnostic and quantifying errors but this new technology may change the face of diagnosis by giving efficient results in determining the location of injuries in the brain.

The eye-tracking technology used in this study was originally developed by Dr. Samadani and colleagues at the Cohen Veterans Center to assess eye movement in veterans of the long Middle East conflicts suspected of suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), concussion or other forms of brain injury.

The launch of this new diagnostic tool will prove efficient providing better diagnostic results by detecting the exact area of the injury to the brain and avoiding hefty lawsuits the State of South Carolina.

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