Enrichment Centre sued for FLSA violations

A case for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has been filed against the Kanawha Valley Enrichment Center.

Susan Conner and Randi Mahood were both salaried employees of the Kanawha Valley Enrichment Centre. In the complaint filed on March 5, 2015 in Kanawha Circuit Court, the two women allege that the salary paid to them was less than what has been mandated by the State and Federal Law.

It is further alleged by both that their salaries did not include any additional compensation for the overtime work. Plaintiffs claim that as they were non-exempted employees they requested defendants for a fair salary as per the State and Federal laws, to which they were rightfully entitled. However, the requests were refused by the defendants.

As per the claims, on November 13th, the U.S Department of Labor Wage and Hour division sent the defendant letters regarding the investigations performed by them under FLSA and that they discovered that the Defendant had not been following the FLSA wage requirements.

After having tried various different ways to get their back wages and overtime pay, the plaintiffs hired a counsel to pursue things further.

Mahood’s claim against the defendants reaches the sum of around $10,843.20 in back wages, plus liquidated damages equal to the amount of back wages. On the other hand, Conners’ suit claims $21,387.13 in back wages, plus liquidated amount equivalent to the sum of back wages.

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