No domestic violence suit bars Hope Solo from playing

This June 8, 2015, Team USA collected their first payment of compensation for supporting controversial goalie, Hope Solo. Such an act was contrary to how the National Football League (NFL) usually treats its players for domestic violence charges. Notable instances include the suspension of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, who ended up facing all the disdain and humiliation for their deeds.

Hope Solo has had an unflattering history. Last year, she was arrested for verbally abusing police officers after a domestic conflict. She even called out former coaches, bashed analysts and allowed her husband who was drunk to drive a soccer van, for which she served a 30-days suspension. She has also been involved in a domestic violence incident that stemmed from an altercation with her half sister and 17 years old nephew during a party at a family home. The incident now stands dismissed.

The reports say that prosecutors have filed an appeal with the King County Superior Court after a Kirkland Municipal Court judge dismissed her domestic assault charges. City of Kirkland Prosecuting Attorney Tammy McElyea is of the view that legal briefs for the appeal are due in July, with oral arguments expected to take place in September. If the King County Superior Court decides to uphold the appeal, the case will go back to Kirkland Municipal Court and through the process of setting a trial date.

Despite this, the backlash against Solo has been quiet on the American front. NFL players Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald are in the same camp with Solo. Though all of the three athletes were accused, they were never charged. 

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