COVID-19 and Virtualization at Draft n Craft

Virtualization at Draft n Craft

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions”

COVID-19 has challenged each one of us professionally and personally and has forced us to adopt new ways to keep things moving without interruption. As a company, Draft n Craft took swift action to create a secure virtual environment to ensure that work was not disrupted and most importantly our workforce remained safe and protected.

Virtualization has taken a whole new meaning in these times. It has become the “new normal”. While the transition has been smooth for most, some had to struggle a bit to strike the right balance.

We asked our employees how they felt with this forced change in the conventional way of working and we received a lot of interesting perspectives and experiences.

Work from Home (WFH) has become “New Normal” globally due to COVID-19 Pandemic. This pandemic not only affected the countries all over the world but also every individual from children to old people, big and small businesses, companies, government, economy etc. WFH has its own benefits as well as detriments. I have been working from home since the last week of March 2020 and have noticed few changes in my lifestyle. Some of them are good while some not.

Firstly, I will discuss about the detriments of WFH. In my view, WFH really affects one’s personal growth. When we regularly go to office, we are able to communicate with our colleagues, share views on different topics and able to work as a team. In this way, one is able to boost confidence; work upon its communication skills besides generating confidence in the team. Office is like our second home. We spend most of the time of our day in the office. We always learn new things, when we step outside from home or I would say our comfort zone. Secondly, I want to share that although I am an Associate in my company but I miss discussing important matters with my seniors through which I get to learn and imbibe new concepts. I also feel communication is crystal clear when we are face to face rather than virtual meetings. Further, WFH makes the life monotonous. It also greatly affects one’s health.

Now I would discuss some benefits of WFH. By this new normal, I am able to save travel time which resulted in increasing my efficiency at work. I am able to devote more hours at work whenever the need arises. Important projects can be submitted on same day by devoting extra hours. Apart from work, I am able to pursue my hobbies such as playing guitar, gardening, doing yoga, exercise and walk, as I save my time from travel. WFH also makes me realize that apart from being an independent woman, I am also a great cook. Lastly, this pandemic is making me spend quality time with my family.”                                                                                                                                     

 Himani Sharma, Legal Associate

This Work from Home opportunity due to Covid-19 pandemic has taken many forms: from being a blessing in disguise to struggling to find daily motivation to work to finally coming to terms with the make shift work station at home. One thing for sure, this situation has made many of us learn some life-changing lessons, albeit the hardway. I for sure have learn:

Nothing is permanent

Live in present

Make peace with situation

Respect what you have

Importance of saving

Respect the work you do

There were days when I found no motivation to work, the same monotonous routine and a sense of melancholy had the better of me. The thing

that got me going under such circumstances was this sense of gratitude that at least I have something to do. Not having anything to do is among

the worst that can happen to someone.

All in all, this whole work from experience is the bitter-sweet candy that some may savour and others are forced to gulp.

Priyanka Thakur, Paralegal

“Given the current scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had no better option than to go ahead with the “work from home” way. Virtualization has rather been common in the IT industry. The current situation has certainly got both us, as employees and the employers habitual and swift in being able to handle our professional side, while keeping along with the personal life. It’s been fun and happiness so far, that’s how I can put it forth. I have saved time on commuting, happily could juggle between work and family, lesser stress and higher productivity.

These may seem very less, but from an employee’s perspective, they have an immense and huge role to play. Happy employees mean better productivity and improved standards. And what can be better than being able to work with a happy and relaxed mind.”

Ipsita Mahato, Senior Manager – Legal Solutions

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