Couple sues Marin County alleging adoption fraud

Recently, a San Rafael couple has filed a suit against an adoption worker, Kim Contrera and the county for betraying their trust, claiming adoption fraud when the county intentionally misled them into adopting a disturbed child who would require around-the-clock care.

The lawsuit has been filed on January 8, 2016 in Marin County Superior Court on behalf of Janet Boddington, aged 75 and retired, and Simon Boddington, aged 53 and a full-time secretary at Marin Center for the county Department of Cultural Services. The adoption match for the couple arrived the moment they thought of abandoning the adoption plan. The couple, so far, has raised five children and had entered into an arrangement with the county that they will not adopt a child with severe psychological problems.

The child was eight years old when adopted, and the fact regarding the child being dishonest, violent, having troubled relationships and lacking the ability to judge right from wrong was concealed from the couple during the time of adoption. Even the previous guardians had bailed out of caring for the child and the same was not informed to them.

According to the lawsuit, the boy’s violent and bizarre behavior when he was eight served as a warning for now when he’s fourteen that he can develop severe psychological problems. He has now been living in a residential care facility and returns home only on weekends since he requires a 24 hour constant supervision. The couple has asked the county to pay the costs for the same.

Furthermore, it has been alleged that if Contrera was to be candid, she would have advised Boddingtons against the boy owing to the risk for severe mental illness and resources that were far beyond their reach both on a physical as well as an emotional level. The lawsuit alleges the county and Contreras of acting in a willful, deliberate, fraudulent and unlawful manner having specific intention and objective of leading the couple to rely onto the misrepresentations and concealments made.

In a statement provided by Janet to their attorney, Jonathan Gertler, she stated that they love the boy dearly but since he’s so sick, the county has ruined their lives; and now hopes that the same does not ever happen to any other couple. Gertler has stated that the case is a sheer and shocking case of betrayal of trust by the county.

The lawsuit does not seek any cash settlement but compensation so that they can take proper care of the boy including any current and future medical and care bills, as well as damages for emotional distress and health problems that have been aggravated by the pressure of dealing with the teenager.


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