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Draft n Craft - Legal Services Platter (LSP)

Get a Qualified and Experienced Pool of Remote (Virtual) Employees

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Draft n Craft - Legal Services Platter (LSP)

Do you want to add value to your Law Firm, Corporation, Underwriting Team, or an In-House Legal Department?

Are you looking to save money while serving your clients? If so, we can help.

Choose the number of Hours and use any of our Legal, Medico-Legal and Paralegal/Administrative Support Services thereafter.

Our experienced team of different skillset professionals will start working as per the needs and requirements of your firm.

Monthly Hours Use any of the below listed Legal, Medico-Legal &
Paralegal Support Services
40 Hours

Legal/Video Transcription

Deposition Summary

Medical Records Summary

Legal Research & Writing

Paralegal/Assistance Support

80 Hours
120 Hours
160 Hours

Draft n Craft’s LSP business model helps our clients to focus on the core activities of their law firm or corporation. We work with our clients to outsource some of the most tedious and demanding tasks in the legal, medico-legal, and paralegal support services, so that they can focus on what's most important: growing business and keeping up with their clients demands.

The LSP business model is simple, flexible, and cost-effective. You choose support services as per your needs and requirements, fix your own monthly hours and send project to us. The LSP model is gaining traction among law firms and organizations attempting to move to a cost effective, efficient, and qualitative business model.

Why should you choose Draft n Craft’s Legal Services Platter (LSP)?

  • You get qualified and experienced pool of remote (virtual) staffs (attorneys, doctors, summarizers, paralegals) clubbed together working for you and your firm
  • You don’t have to transition full-time employee
  • You don’t spend time and money over employee training
  • Quality support services at a competitive rate
  • Create a 24 x 5 working environment and if required ask for Express Service*
  • You don’t incur overheads cost while paying for insurances, infrastructure etc.

*Please consult our team to know about our Express Services extra charges.

Support Services Included Support Services
Legal/Video Transcription Deposition transcription services || Court proceedings || Trial proceedings || Interviews || Dictation by attorneys
Deposition Summary Deposition Digest || Deposition Summary
Medical Records Summary Medical Expense Sheet || Medical Records Summary || Medical Narrative Summary || Medical Billing || Medical Record Chronology
Legal Research & Writing Multi-Jurisdiction Legal Research || Briefs & Motions || Summons & Complaints || Spreadsheet Preparation || Discovery Requests and Responses || Settlement Demand
Paralegal/Assistance Support Indexing Documents || Redactions || Bate-Stamping || Calendar management || Email Management || Data Entry || Case Management Software || Draft Correspondences || Carrying out online searches || Creating customized reports || Document formatting based on court requirements || Creating and maintaining databases || Copy typing and editing legal and other documents || Creating a chronology of events || Reviewing data and performing analysis || Drafting standard template-based documents || Preparing, reviewing, analysing & organizing documents in connection with litigation matters || Other routine secretarial type matters requested by our client

Case Studies

Supporting a Personal Injury Law Firm with Legal Support Services

Our client, a personal injury and medical malpractice law firm with more than 50 lawyers...

Helping a Bankruptcy Law Firm with Chapter 7 petition preparation

A small law firm in Tennessee was looking for paralegal support to prepare Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions....

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