Attorneys: Are Your Clients Happy?

Most of the clients who avail of legal services are not familiar with legal terminology and trial procedures. They may not be able to appreciate good legal writing, may fail to realize the amount of time that an attorney puts in to build up an argument or deal with the documents or the stakeholders related to their case. However, clients do evaluate attorneys on the basis of the time that he/she spends with them detailing cases and addressing queries.

This seems to be relatively easy for the bigger law firms who have got an army of support staff available for their clients. This way the attorneys can use their core time in strategizing on the case and developing it. The same scenario is a challenge for smaller law firms or sole practitioners who often deal with limited resources.

Practices largely bank upon repeat businesses and references from existing clients to grow. Dissatisfied clients bring in a bad name for the firm and hamper business.

So how can an attorney be more available for his clients while meeting deadlines of their cases at the same time?

Workflow management and optimal resource planning is a solution that has been adopted successfully by firms who are not into law practice. Unfortunately, the work in the practice of law is uneven. At times, the attorneys are overburdened with work while there are periods when things are relatively quiet.

What is the solution for such firms who cannot afford to hire employees due to the uncertainty of the work inflow?

A recent survey conducted by a global provider of legal support solutions detailed the same as one of the major barriers for establishing connections with small law firms and continuing only with the big guns. Flexible support is all that is needed to address the issue. Bob (changed name) is a personal injury attorney in Texas and runs a small law firm along with his two paralegals and one more support staff. He is successfully managing the existing workload as well as accepting new cases without adding any extra staff. He says that he has an extended office in India where he has attorneys working for him as and when required. He does not have to worry about any of their expenses (salaries, insurance etc.); everything is taken care of by their employer, Draft n Craft. It is a midsize legal support company that lends quality legal, medical and administrative support to the US attorneys.

Do you have a different set of needs in your practice? Draft n Craft has a lot more to offer suiting the varied needs of different attorneys.


Draft n Craft has been serving US law firms, companies, and foreign investors for over 12 years and has collaborated with over 200 US law firms over the years. The company has been supporting both plaintiffs as well as defense law firms and is not only helping them manage their costs but has also been instrumental in developing credible processes which in turn is reducing their case cycles as well.

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