Accreditation revived by Council On Accreditation for Illien Adoptions International Inc.

An agency enabling and supporting adoption of abandoned and homeless children is certainly doing good in constructing a better society. However, something went wrong with the Illien Adoptions International Inc. which acts as a catalyst in adoption process of abandoned children across the globe including India, Ethiopia, Nepal, Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador, Paraguay, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Costa Rica, Honduras, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, Jamaica, Ghana, Nigeria, and Venezuela.

The Illien Adoptions has been in the news recently due to the Council on Accreditation (COA) taking an administrative action on November 7, 2014, thus, suspending the accreditation of the agency for a minimum of 15 days and until the agency took corrective measures to impoverish its flaws as per the standards of accrediting agency. The suspension is due to COA’s findings that the organization failed to maintain substantial compliance with the accreditation standards at 22 Code of Federal Regulations Part 96 subpart F.[1] This action was taken on account that COA received a complaint against Illien Adoptions three years ago which originated in Ethiopia, from an orphanage which accused the agency of giving donations in exchange for referrals of children. This complaint was initially sent to Joint Council and further forwarded to COA.

However, the said adoption agency heaved a sigh of relief on December 5, 2014, as the COA finally lifted its suspension order on being satisfied with the results of the investigation and scrutiny done over the agency. The COA declared that the agency has completed its corrective action plan to COA’s satisfaction and that COA has determined the Illien Adoptions International, Inc. to be now in substantial compliance with the applicable U.S. accreditation standards, thus enabling the agency to revive its services in adoption of abandoned children.[2]

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