$4 million lawsuit against ex-wife for stalking

A veteran army officer, Jacob C. Ivancev who was deployed in Iraq in 2007; came forward with a $4 Million lawsuit against his ex-wife in the Manhattan Supreme Court for allegedly stalking him. He claims that his ex-wife (Roe Garrido) made his life miserable through her obsessive stalking after a disturbed divorce between them. The domestic battle between them started when he filed for divorce in Manhattan in 2011. 

As per the claim, Ivancev stated that his wife was unhappy with the divorce settlement and has ever since been trying to take revenge through various ways such as by filing a false complaint with the NYPD’s Firearms License Division that put his post-Army career as a security guard in jeopardy. Further in the lawsuit for stalking, Jacob states that his ex-wife pretended to be a FedEx messenger in order to get into his home. 

On the other hand Garrido alleges that Ivancev was having multiple affairs that led to their divorce. She further narrates a different story where she accepts following him across the country to the Fort Carson army base in Colorado Springs in 2012, with the intention to tell him about her pregnancy. She further alleges that a physical fight between them led to her miscarriage.

The one-time army officer seeks $4 million in damages from his ex-wife for the loss and turmoil she brought to his life and his career.


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