11 Things an Ultra Productive Attorney Should Do

11-things-an-ultra-productive-attorney-should-doHaving served the US legal industry for the last 7+ years, below are few of our tips based upon our knowledge of concerns most attorneys have and how they can be overcome by them.

  1. Whatever you are, be a good one: Become an expert of what you are and what you want to offer to your clients.
  2. Old is Gold but New is Platinum: Give time and support to potential clients and provide proper consultation on request.
  3. Quality over Quantity: Spend quality time with your clients and gain their confidence and trust.
  4. One touch of nature makes the whole world kin: Keep a list of your clients and often inform them about your local engagements, invite them in pro-bono events/activities and send personal notes on important days/season.
  5. Grateful, Thankful, Blessed: Ask your clients for recommendations and references. 
  6. Each Day You Meet a New ‘You’: Network and engage yourself in speaking at various events and conferences held by different organizations and bar associations.
  7. Innovate and Implement: Get support from an excellent and innovative team of paralegals and associates.
  8. Be Flexible, but Stick to your Schedule: Avoid getting busy on random tasks and rather follow your own schedule or diary.
  9. Family on Top: Spend quality time with family and friends.
  10. Keep on Learning: It keeps you Young: Keep on learning and make changes in your approach and working. 
  11. Master your Strengths & Outsource the Monotony: Avoid misusing the skill set of your in-house staff on any repetitive, costly or time consuming tasks.

PS. inspired from 15 secrets successful people know about Time Management”, by New York Times bestselling author, Kevin Kruse 

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