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Our comprehensive trademark support services, where safeguarding your brand is our priority. Our dedicated team is committed to supporting you throughout the process, from conducting thorough trademark searches to paralegal support and docketing. We offer a suite of services tailored to your specific needs. With our assistance, you can rest assured that your trademark application process is well supported by highly trained trademark paralegals.

Comprehensive Trademark Search

A thorough trademark search is a pivotal step in evaluating the likelihood of successfully registering a proposed trademark in a jurisdiction. This comprehensive search involves a meticulous examination of existing marks to identify and eliminate any similarities or identical marks. Beyond this, it plays a crucial role in establishing the uniqueness and distinctiveness of a mark.

Trademark Watch Service

Our watch service promptly helps brand owners to identify marks which are infringing on their mark and initiate necessary legal action. Our customized reports offer insights to make quick decisions by brand owners for legal actions against the infringers.

Trademark Application Preparation

We file your trademark application online through the USPTO's Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS). The application requires information such as

  • Applicant information (name, address, entity type)
  • Representation of the trademark (word mark, design mark, or combined mark)
  • Description of the goods or services associated with the trademark
  • Basis for filing (use in commerce or intent to use)
  • Specimen showing the use of the trademark in commerce (if filing based on use)

Trademark Docketing

Our dedicated docketing team supports corporates and law firms to manage docketing in a professional and cost-effective manner. Our quality processes and team ensure there are no missed deadlines and timely reminders are sent for all open activities. We have experience working on various IP Management software.

Office Action Responses

Our experienced paralegals assist attorney in responding to the office actions received from the examining attorney at USPTO. Whether these are non-final office actions related to a legal requirement about issues with the filed application itself or Final office action with a legal rejection refusing the application on the grounds of similar trademark already registered. Our paralegals minutely scrutinize all the office actions received such as, Examiner’s amendment, priority action, suspension letter, etc. to analyze whether a response is required, and a deadline needs to be docketed.

Trademark Portfolio Management

Regular update on the status of various trademark applications and marks is critical for IP teams. Our team provides periodical reports which list all the trademarks along with their details and current status. This provides insights to the attorneys to strategically plan and keep the stakeholders informed.

Reporting Letters

Report-out letters serve as communication tools crafted by our team on behalf of attorneys to inform applicants about incoming notices or official actions from the Trademark Office. These notifications furnish the current application status, the next due date for responses, and a concise summary of necessary actions. Our dedicated team meticulously drafts these letters in prescribed formats following a thorough evaluation of the incoming notifications, emphasizing critical actions, due dates, and official prerequisites.

Trademark Assignment & Recordation

Our paralegal team has assisted clients changing the assignment and recordation at the USPTO through the online assignment center for trademarks. Our paralegals ensure to use the correct conveyance type, conveying party and receiving party. We ensure to correctly fill, and all the additional information required to complete the process.

Trademark FAQ's

What is you TAT for performing a Trademark search?+

We complete a trademark comprehensive search within 5 working days.

What all databases are used to perform the searches?+

We used paid and publicly available databases to perform these searches.

Can you provide trademark support on hourly basis or project wise? +

We have a flexible billing model, depending on your requirement we modify our billing arrangement. Typically, we offer, piece meal, hourly and FTE (dedicated 150 hrs/month) model for billing.

Can you provide trademark support on hourly basis or project wise? +

We have a flexible billing model, depending on your requirement we modify our billing arrangement. Typically, we offer, piece meal, hourly and FTE (dedicated 150 hrs/month) model for billing.

What is the experience level of your paralegals? +

Our paralegals are well trained on US, EU and Madrid system. They have an average of 5 years of experience performing various trademark paralegal tasks.

Can you file a new application at USPTO? +

We file for trademark application using USPTO's TEAS and are well versed with the various filing requirements and forms.

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