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Technical Services

Knock-out Search

Enhanced by its cost-effective approach and rapid turnaround time, our knock-out search service is specifically designed to ascertain the novelty of your invention. With a strategic focus on identifying the closest prior art, our search encompasses both patent and non-patent literature.

Patentability Search

The objective is to ascertain whether similar or identical inventions have been previously developed. This is accomplished through a meticulous search for any relevant evidence or prior art that discloses information pertaining to the invention.

Freedom To operate Search - (FTO)

We help you to determine if a product or process is infringing on your patent in a particular jurisdiction or not. We search for enforceable patents and patent publications having features similar to those of the product or service.

Invalidity Search

If you seek to invalidate one or more claims of a patent, our comprehensive search encompasses both patent and non-patent literature. This exhaustive examination is conducted against the claims of the patent, aiming to uncover relevant art filed or in existence before its earliest priority date.

Infringement Analysis

We conduct searches to identify products or processes that may be infringing upon the claims of your patent. This empowers you to explore potential monetization avenues through licensing opportunities or take legal action by initiating a patent infringement suit against the infringing entities.

Landscape Analysis

A patent landscape is a sophisticated analysis of patent data that unveils valuable insights into technology and business intelligence. It offers a comprehensive understanding of specific technology domains, highlighting key patents, technologies, and commercial interests within those domains.

Competitor & Technology Watch

Monitoring a competitor's patent activity, including newly issued patents and published patent applications, enables you to make timely decisions regarding potential threats to your business. Taking proactive measures such as filing pre-grant opposition, post-grant opposition, or pursuing invalidation or in-licensing options can be crucial in safeguarding your interests and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

Trademark Search

A thorough trademark search is a pivotal step in evaluating the likelihood of successfully registering a proposed trademark in a jurisdiction. This comprehensive search involves a meticulous examination of existing marks to identify and eliminate any similarities or identical marks. Beyond this, it plays a crucial role in establishing the uniqueness and distinctiveness of a mark.

Trademark watch service

Our watch service promptly helps brand owners to identify marks which are infringing on their mark and initiate necessary legal action. Our customized reports offer insights to make quick decisions by brand owners for legal actions against the infringers.


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