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Draftncraft legal outsourcing firm


Draft n Craft

Know Us

Draft n Craft is a premier legal outsourcing firm which offers its legal and paralegal support solutions to law firms, corporate and in-house legal departments throughout the United States. We do not measure our success by comparison, but by our achievements.

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Draftncraft legal outsourcing firm

Our Process

We do only the best!

Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Our team identifies problems early and increase customer satisfaction.

Draftncraft legal outsourcing firm

Our Team

We give you the care and professionalism you deserve!

Top caliber Lawyers, Doctors, Paramedics, Summarizers, and Paralegals for every legal and administrative service you might need.

Draftncraft legal outsourcing firm


Your work and our premises are protected!

Draft n Craft services are designed to assure the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance

Draftncraft legal outsourcing firm
Our Solutions

For Law Firm

Deposition Summary

Draft n Craft delivers high-quality deposition summaries. We carefully reduce testimony to facts; accurately record dates, figures, names, and exhibits; give a record of key events and actions; eliminate extraneous information, and organize subject matter into coherent paragraphs

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Medico-Legal Services

Draft n Craft offers a wide range of medico-legal services. Each of our services has proven to be a useful tool for quick case assessments at any stage of litigation. Our services are carried out by a combined team of doctors and paramedical resources.

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Bankruptcy Support Solutions

Draft n Craft helps US bankruptcy attorneys with managing the bankruptcy case process from intake through discharge.

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Legal Research

Legal Research can be a complex and time-consuming process for in-house attorneys and paralegals. A small negligence can cause major damage to the firm. We, at Draft n Craft have a team of immensely talented Indian attorneys who are trained on the U.S. judicial systems.

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Legal Drafting

Draft n Craft understands that the true value of an attorney is in exercising judgment based on the knowledge covered in the legal documents. We support attorneys by preparing various legal documents for them and thus help them get the maximum value of their time.

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Paralegal Services

At Draft n Craft, we are committed to our client’s growth and understand that every work requires special attention and acknowledgment. To meet the client’s expectations, we offer our customized support solutions to each project we receive.

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For Corporate & In-House

Attending Physicians Statement (APS) Summaries

Draft n Craft produces well-structured, logical, and chronological Attending Physician Statement (APS) Summaries for insurance companies.

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Contract Management Solutions

Draft n Craft provides highly professional and timely solutions to all your contract-related needs. We manage the whole life cycle of a contract right from drafting, reviewing, and abstraction to management.

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Research & Writing

Draft n Craft offers an inclusive range of Research Solutions for the corporate and in-house sectors. Managing compliances can be a daunting task. Our team of well qualified and experienced attorneys eases this task for you.

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Paralegal Services

At Draft n Craft, we are dedicated to our client’s growth and understand that every work requires extraordinary attention and acknowledgment. To meet the client’s expectations, we offer our customized support solutions to each project we receive.

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Foreign Investments to India

From Conceptualization To Exit Strategies
Draft n Craft has been assisting foreign law firms and companies with investments in India. Our experts help you through the various laws guiding FDI & FPI in India and the multiple departments and government organs associated with it.

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Promoting excellent and responsible solutions since 2008!


Case Studies

Draftncraft legal outsourcing firm

Supporting a Personal Injury Law Firm with Legal Support Services

Our client, a personal injury and medical malpractice law firm with more than 50 lawyers...

Draftncraft legal outsourcing firm

Hire A Virtual Attorney/Paralegal for your Law Firm or In-House Legal Department

One of our recent client’s (an underwriting company) wanted...

Draftncraft legal outsourcing firm

Helping a Bankruptcy Law Firm with Chapter 7 petition preparation

A small law firm in Tennessee was looking for paralegal support to prepare Chapter 7 bankruptcy....



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