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Draft n Craft offers a wide range of medico-legal services. Each of our services has proven to be a useful tool for quick case assessments at any stage of litigation. Our services are carried out by a combined team of doctors and paramedical resources.

Medical Records Summary/Chronology

Medical records summaries/chronologies by Draft n Craft help attorneys to speed up the review of a case and reach decisions swiftly. Our summaries include:

  • Chronological listing of all visits
  • H/o personal and social background
  • List of Medical Providers
  • List of Missing Medical Records
  • ICD Codes
  • Highlighted portions based on the case in hand

Narrative Medical Summary

Read chronologies in a flow and in a chronology for a quick review of the entire medical history and treatment of a claimant.

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Billing Summary

Get to know the amount spent on the medical treatment of a claimant at a glance.

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Billing Expense Sheet

Easy review of the daily treatment charges, payments, and adjustments applied to a claimant’s account.

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Hyperlinked Medical Records Summary/Chronology

Reach the source page of a summarized summary at the click of a button with the hyperlinked medical records summaries/chronologies by DNC.

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Medical Records Bookmarking

Enjoy easy and quick navigation through hundreds and thousands of medical records by using bookmarked medical records.

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Medical Records Sorting and Bookmarking

Sorted, organized, and bookmarked medical records with a quick turnaround time helps attorneys with reviewing the records effectively.

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Bate Stamping

Managing numerous files with hundreds of pages made easier through quickly bate stamped and merged medical records by Draft n Craft.

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Medical Records Retrieval

Getting medical records Retrieval has never been easier and quicker. Draft n Craft offers a secure and cost-effective way to retrieve medical records.

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Mass Torts Reviews

Quickly screen through records of multiple plaintiffs in just one go. Review mass torts cases based on carefully selected fixed parameters.

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Jury Questionnaire Summaries

Make strategic decisions quickly without having to go through the long completed questionnaires by using the Jury Questionnaire Summaries by DNC.

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Customized Reports

Have your specific needs catered through our customized special reports.

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“MedEx” – Medical Terms Explained

Knowing about the complicated medical terminologies can be daunting. Draft n Craft simplifies this problem for you by giving you a quick and simple view of the medical terms used within the summary/chronology without having to search for it separately.

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“Medix” – Medication Explanation

Know and understand the common uses of the medication prescribed to a claimant without having to open a different window to search for it.

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