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IP Docketing

IP Docketing

An East coast based Intellectual Property Law firm was struggling with managing regular docketing work on a day-to-day basis, they had built a sizeable backlog. The deadlines were not being docketed correctly with few missed deadlines as well. To make matter worse, one of the docketing staff was on her way out and a new partner had joined in with a sizeable portfolio.

The law firm reached out to us for a sustainable solution to the existing docketing problem. We followed the following approach:

Our approach

Understanding the current processes – To know various sources of receiving work and frequency.

Assessment of workload – Knowing what and how much to target.

a) Current backlog

b) Size of new portfolio intake

C) Ongoing docketing

Time frame - Agree on the time frame for backlog clearance and intake of new portfolio.

Handover from the outgoing staff – Understand the daily work to ensure nothing is missed.

Our Solution

Draft n Craft (DnC) suggested to tackle the problem at multi levels.

Clearing the backlog – A dedicated team was appointed to tackle the backlog within the agreed timeframe. The team first ensured all the docketing items with deadlines were cleared.

Intake new portfolio – After consulting the new partner and understanding his priority, a dedicated resource was deployed for matter creation and transfer of file histories.

Ongoing docketing – Experienced docketing resources who will be working full time for the client for deployed to start working on the new incoming items, ensuring no addition to the backlog.

Documentation – We documented all the processes and sub processes. Prepared high level process maps and prepared a master procedure manual.


Client Satisfaction - End client satisfaction increased due prompt actions of open items and timely intimation of new actions.

Increased confidence - The attorney’s confidence in the docketing team increased, there were no missed deadlines, resulting they could focus more on their billable activities.

Faster turnaround time - With the clearance of the backlog, the DnC docketing team was always working on the current items and always docketing within the turnaround time.

Documented processes - DnC team documented the processes, created workflow diagrams which led to a process driven docketing team.

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