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Hire A Dedicated Remote Paramedic (DRP) for Medical Records Expert

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Hire A Dedicated Remote Paramedic (DRP) for Medical Records Expert

Draft n Craft helps attorneys and companies to speed up the review of a case and reach decisions swiftly.

Draft n Craft's medical experts ensure that the medical records reviewed by them are of the highest quality and meet our client’s specific needs. They use their expertise from many years of experience as healthcare professionals to review medical records, chronologically list all visits/medical providers/missing medical records and ICD codes, highlight portions based on the case in hand, clarify and omit confusing information, help provide customized summaries/reports.

Draft n Craft's Dedicated Remote Paramedic (DRP) for Medical Expert are ready to provide their support services to attorneys, law firms, hospitals, and insurance companies with their expert knowledge at a price that is affordable to firms and businesses in need of fast turnaround on high-quality service at reasonable prices.

We know the value of our services; we pride ourselves on providing an excellent service with exceptional customer care, delivered by people who understand your business needs.

Why do Attorneys, Law Firms & Insurance Companies use services of a Medical Experts?

  • Medical Malpractice Claims
  • Determining Cause of Death
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Criminal and Insanity Defense and others as per the needs and requirements of the case/condition.
Draft n Craft’s Dedicated Remote Paramedic (DRP) - Medical Records Expert
Skills and Competencies
24X5 Working
HIPAA Compliant Procedures
Affordable Pricing Model
Scalability to meet increased demand
Availability During Your Work Hours
Experienced Team of Paramedics
Minimize Overhead Costs
High Volume Capacity

Hire A Dedicated Remote Paramedic (DRP) - Medical Records Expert

  • Medical Records Summary
  • Medical Billing Summary
  • Narrative Summary
  • Medical Expense Sheets
  • Medical Records Bookmarking
  • Customized summaries/reports

Hire A Dedicated Remote Paramedic (DRP) - Medical Records Expert

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Helping a Bankruptcy Law Firm with Chapter 7 petition preparation

A small law firm in Tennessee was looking for paralegal support to prepare Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions....

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