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Hire a Dedicated Remote Paralegal (DRP) for
Medico-Legal Support Services

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Hire a Dedicated Remote Paralegal (DRP) for Medico-Legal Support Services

Your law firm and clients need you. They need help, they need quality, and they need it now. If you are going to win them over, you must have a solution that provides all three elements. A quality solution is one that meets their expectations at the best possible price in the fastest possible amount of time.

Draft n Craft’s Dedicated Remote Paralegal (DRP) is your go-to resource for all kind of medico-legal support services. We have successfully partnered with law firms, corporations, and in-house legal departments and helped over 450+ clients to maximize their team efficiencies and to set-up a 24 x 5 working environment with quality support services.

Draft n Craft’s Dedicated Remote Paralegal (DRP) will help your team to focus on the core activities of your business. Our flexible and scalable medico-legal services will bring the right people and processes to you, keeping you on track with great peace of mind.

Our Dedicated Remote Paralegal (DRP) act as your own paralegals for only a fraction of the cost and are committed to working with you, your team, and your firm. We have personally witnessed the value of legal outsourcing firsthand – every time we provide our clients with exceptional services at an affordable price. Our commitment is to offer you the highest level of service, security, and confidentiality possible.

Why Draft n Craft?
HIPAA Compliant Procedures
Customized Summaries
Minimize Overhead Costs
High Volume Capacity
Strict Quality Standards
Quick Turnaround Time
Maximize Profit
Experienced Team of Paramedics
Best Rates in the Industry
Scalability to meet increased demand

Hire a Dedicated Remote Paralegal (DRP) for Medico-Legal Support Services

  • Settlement Demands
  • Demand Packages
  • Discovery Requests & Responses
  • Medical Expense Sheets
  • Medical Records Chronology
  • Medical Records Bookmarking
  • Bate stamping
  • Indexing
  • Template Based Drafting
  • Redaction
  • Citation Review
  • Proofreading

Case Studies

Supporting a Personal Injury Law Firm with Legal Support Services

Our client, a personal injury and medical malpractice law firm with more than 50 lawyers...

Helping a Bankruptcy Law Firm with Chapter 7 petition preparation

A small law firm in Tennessee was looking for paralegal support to prepare Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions....

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