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Transforming Healthcare Management

E-Health Manager is a user-friendly health management application. The application allows users to manage their health as well as of their loved ones. E-health manager acts as a one stop solution for all health related management.

A user is able to achieve various functions related to their medical records and conditions – Upload, Store, Know, Share and Manage. The service is available on web as well as through as app for both Android and IOS.

Key Highlights
  • Easy Upload options – .jpeg, .pdf, .doc, .png, etc.
  • Auto-generated Coversheet
    • Personal Details
    • Disease Status with latest reports
    • Graphical representation of critical health state
    • Summary of all uploaded medical records including prescriptions, visits, hospital stays, labs etc.
    • Access to health summary in a chronology, healthcare provider wise, disease wise etc.
  • Auto triggers to help users manage their health
  • Secured Cloud based storage of records
  • Share health records with healthcare provider/doctors
  • UNDERSTAND one’s health issues.
  • Coversheet prepared by doctors, paramedical staff and translators
  • Summary updated within 2 working days of the record being uploaded
  • Real time sync on a smart phone and web.
  • Unlimited medical data storage
  • Manage 4 members using one account
  • Available in English, Hindi and Spanish

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