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Crisis Navigator: Weathering Storms with Dedicated Remote Paralegal (DRP) from Draft n Craft

During the COVID-19 pandemic, firms with established remote work infrastructure transitioned seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted service for clients. Remote paralegals proved crucial for business continuity. (Source: Stanford Law School Remote Work in Law Firms Study 2022)

By embracing remote work, firms build resilience against unforeseen disruptions, future pandemics, or natural disasters. Imagine being prepared for any challenge, ensuring client satisfaction and business stability.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, lockdowns and social distancing forced many law firms to scramble and adapt. However, for a renowned class action firm in Texas, the transition was smooth and seamless thanks to their pre-existing Dedicated Remote Paralegal model established through Draft n Craft.

The Challenge:

As courts closed and in-person meetings became impossible, law firms faced the threat of disruption, heavy overhead costs, and lost productivity. Support staffs preferred taking long break and working from home. Maintaining client service and business continuity became a crucial challenge.

The Solutions:

The firm had already established secure cloud-based platforms for document sharing, communication, and case management. This foresight, coupled with a dedicated remote paralegal team already working alongside support staff and an existing remote work policy, allowed their team to seamlessly transition to working remotely from India (specifically, their New Delhi operation centre) through Draft n Craft's Dedicated Remote Paralegal model.

The Results:

Uninterrupted Client Service: Clients experienced minimal disruption as the firm continued operations remotely. Lawyers and remote paralegals and assistants were remained accessible via video conferencing and online communication channels

Enhanced Agility: The remote work setup allowed the firm to adapt quickly to the changing regulations and court procedures during the pandemic.

Increased Productivity: Studies show remote workers often experience fewer distractions and increased flexibility, leading to potential productivity gains. The firm reported a 10% increase in casework completed during the initial lockdown period and approx. 35% decrease in overhead costs because of Draft n Craft’s support solutions.

Key Take-Aways:

Hiring a DRP from Draft n Craft can lead to significant cost savings in office space, utilities, and equipment. These savings can be reinvested in the firm's growth and development. Our paralegals can offer the same level of skill and productivity as in-house staff

DRP offers increased flexibility and potentially boost productivity of law firms and in-house legal departments.

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