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Draft n Craft produces well-structured, logical, and chronological Attending Physician Statement (APS) Summaries for insurance companies.

Our summaries capture the health concerns of an insurance policy’s applicants to determine their risk threshold. They help in reducing the time taken by underwriters for risk assessment.

The team comprises of highly qualified and knowledgeable medical and paramedical professionals who are experts in extracting, evaluating, and summarizing critical information. We thoroughly analyze all the data to create a contextual summary.

To ensure quality and consistency of data, stringent quality standards, training sessions, and audits are done. Our team of meticulously trained professionals with medical backgrounds has noteworthy experience in medical terminology, note-taking, annotating gaps, and indecipherable entries, confirming duplicative entries/records and discrepancies.

  • Complete health cycle snapshot
  • Latest information on critical points such as disease state, medications, lab reports, vitals, etc.
  • Chronological Summary
  • Missing records identified and reported
  • Identification of gaps and inconsistencies in the records
  • Hyperlinked summaries

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