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At Draft n Craft we provide a wide range of administrative services, these services encompass a range of administrative tasks that contribute to the efficient functioning of IP and non-IP processes. Our admin. staff forms an integral extension of your existing paralegal staff and supports the attorneys with their day-today monotonous, time-consuming activities. These activities may pertain to IP processes or just relate to mail or calendar management. Our staff are trained on various administrative activities and curious to learn and work on new ones.

Time Sheet Entry

We support attorneys track their time spent on billable activities for a particular client. Our team enters the time and details of the activities in a specified software to be invoiced to client for each matter.

Calendar Management

As part of our admin service offering, our team manages individual calendars for the attorneys. Tasks such as, scheduling meetings, blocking time for specified activities, sending reminders and coordinating with various stakeholders for a specified activity.

Document formatting

Formatting various documents such as word files, PPT’s, agreements, disclosure agreements, etc.

Internet Search

Helping attorney to do various internet-based researches for a specified case, organisation, individual, etc.

Attorney Assistant

Personal assistant to an attorney, performing all the tasks as defined by the attorney and supporting in day-to-day activities.

Report out letters

Assisting attorney preparing case status specific report out letters in a pre-defined format and saving them for the attorney to send the client.


Administrative Services

What all services are covered under legal admin service? +
Our team assist in all IP and non-IP admin services, such as time sheet entry, internet-based search, reporting letters, document formatting, data crunching.
Do you also provider assistance in email management? +
Yes, our team can help in managing mailboxes and categories emails and move them to designated folders. We can also assign emails to individuals for processing and track them in an excel sheet.
What additional services can you provide? +
We can assist in calendar management, fixing up meetings for conferences and road trips.