To revolutionize the LPO paradigm, Draft n Craft has devised the “apt solution” that is destined to enrich legal outsourcing experience throughout the industry.

“AptCaptive® is an advanced Legal Offshoring model, tailored and run as per client’s requirements by Draft n Craft, retaining all in-house benefits at reduced costs.”

For a long time, a desire was felt throughout the industry to transcend to new levels of Legal Process Outsourcing. Without a doubt, AptCaptive® is at present the lex epitome of the legal outsourcing industry. This innovation is already referred to as Legal Process Outsourcing Level 2.0 by many industry experts.

AptCaptive® Model (ACM) conjures what one would visualize as an ideal outsourcing set-up. Leveraging our extensive research and expertise, we bring to you this phenomenal model that is supervised by you and managed by us. We offer you a functional set-up as an extension of your office to cater to all your outsourcing needs. Above all, the model is designed in such a way that it will uphold your reputation.

We perceive that we have the capability and the apt methodology in the form of our AptCaptive® Model to create an ideal set-up for delivering cost-effective and efficient legal services to you. All in all, with the AptCaptive® Model, we offer you what is just an extension of your office, which is SUPERVISED BY YOU MANAGED BY US.

For more information, you may contact aptcaptive@draftncraft.com

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