Medical Records Summarizer

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The research was very well written and helpful. The great work product that I could easily share with my clients. I will use them in the future.

Attorney @New York
Education: Graduate / Post Graduate in Life sciences, Bachelor in physiotherapy (BPT), BHMS, B.Pharm, MBBS, MD.
Compensation: Ćuprija #

Job Description

  • Summarizing medical records for US Law Firms / Insurance Companies/ Hospitals.
  • Adhere to production and quality milestones.


  • 0-1 year experience in summarizing medical/medico-legal records for US Law firms and Life Insurance Companies or clinical experience
  • Knowledge of disease conditions, treatments, tests, and medications.
  • Sound knowledge of Medical terminologies
  • Must have excellent command over written and spoken English.
  • Good typing skills.
  • Candidates with prior work experience of summarizing medical records for jurisdictions like the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia will be preferred.