Join us in Congratulating our Employee of the Year – 2015, Sagar Pratap Singh, Head – Business Development & Marketing

Sagar Pratap Singh

We, at Draft n Craft, are excited to announce that Sagar Pratap Singh has been selected as our Employee of the Year-2015.


Possessing strong problem-solving and innovative skills, Mr. Pratap Singh is responsible for identifying, developing and implementing strategic and marketing plans to procure business from Law Firms, Corporations and In House Legal Department throughout the United States of America. With powerful organizational skills, he builds key customer relationships, discusses and closes business deals and maintains incredible knowledge of current market conditions.  He has very efficiently been working with the production team and marketing staff to increase sales opportunities and thereby maximize revenue for us. With his strong business acumen and impressive skills, he has designed the best negotiating strategies for Draft n Craft by considering the risks and rewards and keeping in mind the counter-parties preferences & goals.


It’s time for recognition! We sincerely congratulate him for his efforts and wish that he keeps his positive attitude alive, and never lets the enthusiasm in him fade. His commitment has been exemplary and his hard work is an inspiration to everyone around him. His skills are unmatched, his knowledge is priceless and his experience is invaluable. Well done!










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