With all set to venture into the month named after Roman God Janus of the leap year 2016, we look forward to plunge into valley of joy, happiness, technical advancement and global peace with high hopes and aspirations waiting for the New Year eve. Be it the torchlight at the Hogmanay Edinburgh, the NYC-New Years at Times Square or the much talked about London fireworks event in collaboration with UNICEF to raise awareness, this New Year eve is expected to be bigger, brighter and shinier than what the world has ever seen. The New Year is alleged to be first welcomed at a place named Kiribati (Millennium Island) in the Pacific Ocean and it gradually reaches other countries where it is welcomed in unique festive manners.


Many countries also refer to it as Saint Sylvester's Day and other local names linked with certain events, culture or community happenings. The best part about a New Year eve is that it has something for everyone in the most amazing manner to help them rejuvenate their spirits and dive into fun, glee and cheerfulness. For the ones who are awestruck by the fireworks and celebrate it as a lifetime moment, London tops the list for the visitors whereas merrymakers have their destinations marked as Hawaii, Sydney or Vancouver.


Not only individuals, but there are many countries and communities which have rituals, specific events and festivities specially carried out on New year like the broadcasting of comedy show in Iceland, dropping of objects in America, polar bear plunges, Eating 12 grapes, Scarecrow burning and Postal holidays.


Last but not the least, the New Year is incomplete without mentioning about some New Year resolutions that we can take this 2016:

  • Be regular with exercising, improve physical well-being and hit the gym.
  • Help the poor and destitute by engaging in community services.
  • Save more and spend less.
  • Work towards Global peace and environment.
  • Achieve career goals with full zeal and enthusiasm.
  • Take a trip to the place you always longed.
  • Plan surprises for your loved ones.
  • Update yourself with current affairs and read a lot.
  • Learn something which you always wanted be it dance, singing, playing an instrument or any sports.

Always remember to have practical, attainable, relevant and milestone based resolutions.


So say Sayonara to 2015 and buckle up for the festivities…What is your resolution for this 2016?


past “For a new year to bring you something new, make a move, like a butterfly tearing its cocoon! Make a move!” 






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