Draft n Craft: The Journey So Far..

Over four years in to its existence, Draft n Craft has made its special place in this ever growing legal outsourcing industry. Starting out in the heart of the city of Delhi with a few people, Draft n Craft has grown 10 folds since 2008.
Draft n Craft team has always tried to share its knowledge and thoughts with the whole industry. We made our first attempt at this by hosting a seminar in London in June 2009, which was attended by some of the prestigious law firms in England & Wales. Since then, there has been no looking back. We have been and continue host numerous webcasts on different areas of interest ranging from service specific subjects like legal research, document review, contract outsourcing solutions and legal transcription to industry specific sessions.
Draft n Craft has continued to add value in to the legal outsourcing industry by representing itself at various domestic and international events.
Continuously trying to do something new and innovative, Draft n Craft, ensures a customized delivery model for each of its clients to suit their requirements. Infact in 2010, we came out with a new and unique delivery model called http://heathstreethealth.nhs.uk/services/minor-injuries-surgery/ AptCaptive®. A change welcomed by many who were considering outsourcing their legal and paralegal services but had their apprehensions towards it.
With advanced technology and superior team to produce quality results, the clients have been stress free in terms of the work being sent to them. Recently, our client, an attorney from Georgia, US said, “I have to tell you that the quality of the work is excellent and is coming back practically word perfect which makes my job a whole lot easier. Keep up the great work.!!”
Draft n Craft has always taken pride in each and every work that is carried out in the company. It has encouraged each department and has always valued the hard work and efforts put in by the teams.
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Established in 2008, Draft n Craft is a cut to the chase Legal Process Outsourcing Company with strong and dedicated work force of professionals. Having established a brilliant track record, Draft n Craft has been partners of growth to many of the law firms and corporations in the UK and US. Draft n Craft’s supreme focus has always been on helping lawyers deliver the best value to their clients by working on process and technology optimization, and by devising ways to rationalize client’s operational spending.

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