The simple principle of thermodynamic explains how heat travels from a hotter body to a cooler body. The similar concept has been explained by gravitational theory as to how an object gets attracted from lower gravitational pull area to a higher gravitational pull area. All there principles are identical and similar to the principle of outsourcing. Outsourcing is also a result of the imbalance in the economies of countries i.e. the developed countries and developing countries. This imbalance further increases due to the difference in the currencies. The availability of qualified, skilled personnel in developing countries has always attracted jobs and work from the developed countries. This started with the BPO’s, which is no longer unknown to people. It is a well acquainted word with youngsters in developing countries. The BPOs worked with the cost saving factors. Most of the organizations, big business houses in the developed countries, in order to cut their cost have no other way except to outsource their work, which can or can be easily done by shifting their work to the developing countries. Medical transcription was the next to follow. The hospitals and doctors while finding no time to jot down the details of their patients and to maintain their records, hence, they ultimately needed to outsource the same. Soon there was a big growth in outsourcing activities in form of Knowledge Process Outsourcing. The growth of KPO also grew like anything in developing countries. No doubt this was the reason which guarded many big organizations from recession. As the organization felt the heat of recession their consultant were bound to feel the same. The consultants had no option but to cut down their prices. This was the reason which resulted into the birth of Legal Process Outsourcing. Of course outsourcing is not an innovation, it’s been only a modification of the old concept of asking people to come to developed countries. Today intelligent people wish to settle down in their country. No doubt the development of information technology played an excellent role whereby the work could be done online. The work could be outsourced and received back from developing countries in no time. The legal process outsourcing further grew with solicitors in developed countries finding cheaper and good options in the developing countries.

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