Motions, briefs & much more!

Attorneys spend a lot of their valuable time in drafting legal documents relevant to a case. We, at Draft n Craft understand that the true value of an attorney is in exercising judgment based on the knowledge covered in the legal documents. We support attorneys by preparing various legal documents for them and thus help them get the maximum value of their time.

With access to advanced technology and superior quality measures maintained in-house, the quality of work product is top-notch. A two-tier check for fallacies and faults on all work products is carried out before the product is sent to the clients.

Our team consists of qualified professionals with good experience in the legal drafting field. They take care of the smallest detail while drafting any legal document to ensure its highest quality and provide reliable services.


Some of the legal documents which we have been proficiently catering to are:


  • Drafting summons & complaints
  • Drafting Discovery-related documents such as Interrogatories, Request for Admissions, Request for Inspection, Requests for Production of Documents, etc.
  • Briefs and Motions, including Motion to Dismiss, Motion for Summary Judgment, Motion to Compel, etc.
  • Other supporting legal documents