Not just a summary – an aid to trial!

Our summaries are prepared by a team of highly qualified summarizers, which includes attorneys, paralegals and professional writers. We carefully reduce testimony to facts; accurately record dates, figures, names and exhibits; give a record of key events and actions; eliminate extraneous information; and organize subject matter into coherent paragraphs.


With our team’s deep domain knowledge, we process efficiencies that save time and money!


Draft n Craft’s Edge

  • Quality and client-satisfaction guaranteed
  • Summaries available in EPUB format as well
  • Trial binder high-volume capacity
  • Ability to provide quick turnaround
  • Index to each transcript volume
  • Inventories of all transcripts received

We have designed our summaries in EPUB format (designed for reflow able content), which allows you to access hyperlinks (Docs, PDFs, Videos), optimize text, copy and share content etc. It supersedes the normal Open eBook standard. So now you can access the summaries in Doc, PDF and EPUB format on your I-Phone, I-Pad and Android devices.


Draft n Craft delivers immediately useful summaries to serve the following functions:

  • Analysis of key issues
  • Fact-gathering
  • Accurate listing and identification of exhibits
  • Review by expert witnesses
  • Pre-trial testimony review and witness preparation
  • Determination of damages

Advantages of outsourcing summaries

  • Save more than 50% of the cost of summarizing in-house
  • Allow the litigation team to focus on trial preparation
  • Eliminate the need to train and supervise in-house personnel
  • Maintain overall quality and consistency