Research & Writing

Draft n Craft offers an inclusive range of Research Solutions for the corporate and in-house sector. Managing compliances can be a daunting task. Our team of well qualified and experienced attorneys eases this task for you. We identify and extract relevant statutes and regulations that pose compliance obligations to specific industries, identify the requirements of such compliances and the legal consequences of non-compliance.


Our experienced attorneys research the statutes, regulations and case law in each of the jurisdictions, including providing U.S. 50-state surveys. We deliver to you an easy-to-read research, summarizing relevant legislation and case laws across jurisdictions.


Our services include:


  • Case law research using databases
  • Primary and secondary legislation searching
  • Large-scale summation document abstracts
  • 50-state / multi-jurisdictional surveys / legislative tracking
  • Multi-jurisdictional surveys on compliance issues

Our Six Sigma approach to quality guarantees constant progress of our team, delivering excellence and reliability for our clients.