Medical Records Summary

Our medical records summarization has proved to be a valuable tool for early case assessment and quick review of medical documents at any stage of litigation or pre-litigation.


Our team comprises of highly qualified and knowledgeable paralegals and paramedical professionals who are experts in extracting, evaluating and summarizing critical information. We thoroughly analyze all the data to create a contextual summary of the injury, including diagnosis and prescribed treatments. We carefully reduce records to facts; accurately record dates, figures, names and reports; give a record of key events and diagnosis; eliminate extraneous information; and organize subject matter into coherent paragraphs.


We create truthful and comprehensive medical record summaries for insurance companies in a cost effective manner. A key step in the process of the life insurance industry is the summary of the Attending Physician Statement. The medical record summary captures the health concerns of an insurance policy applicant in order to determine their risk threshold.


To ensure quality and consistency of data, very stringent quality standards, training sessions and audits are done. Our team of meticulously trained Medical Record Review Specialists with medical backgrounds has noteworthy experience in medical terminology, note taking, annotating gaps and indecipherable entries, confirming duplicative entries/records and discrepancy. They are also completely up-to-date with current and evolving industry terminology.


Our team has earned a big name in the industry in providing succinct versions of the information found in a medical record.


Our Medical Summaries include:


  • Integrated summary
  • Timeline
  • Brief summary
  • H/o personal and social background
  • Medical providers list

Our summaries are not only helpful for attorneys but also insurance companies and physicians. The summaries are brief and focused and aid in settling claims.


We have designed our summaries in EPUB format (designed for reflowable content) which allows you to access hyperlinks (Docs, PDFs, Videos), optimize text, copy and share content etc. It supersedes the normal Open eBook standard. So now you can access the summaries in Doc, PDF and EPUB format on your I-Phone, I-Pad and Android devices.


Confidentiality & HIPAA Compliance


At Draft n Craft, we believe that ‘Data security is everyone’s responsibility.'


Draft n Craft ensures data integrity and confidentiality of client’s data at every possible level.  Draft n Craft while complying with the HIPAA requirements enters into a confidentiality agreement with its client and employees. The Agreement ensures that Draft n Craft may only use and disclose the personal data in accordance with Client’s instructions; and takes appropriate security measures to protect the data, such as:


  • Ensuring full Confidentiality
  • Electronic Access Control at the workplace
  • Software and Hardware security
  • Limited/no internet access to avoid inadvertence
  • Prevention of data pilferage
  • Data locking on server
  • NDA and HIPAA agreement signed with each employee
  • High end confidentiality arrangements like VPN, Working on Client Server
  • CCTV Surveillance and Security guards available 24×7
  • Secured employee passwords